Fingal Dog Owners Group

I have supported and admired the Fingal Dog groups efforts, ethos and ambition since their outset, above all they have displayed amazing people power on behalf of their animals. It shows that when people organise on common values they can create change and make those in power listen.

However as reiterated in their campaign for a reversal of the bye laws, although they have achieved a new consultation process, it is by no means the end it is merely the start of what I hope is an opportunity to have a level playing field in terms of having an appropriate and effective consultation process. Fingal will do everything in their power I would think to make reversal unviable but I think with this current group structure they can get a reversal and an appropriate feasible bye law that is fair and balanced based on responsible ownership and animal welfare. Well done to every member of Fingal Dog particularly the committee whom have taken on what effectively is a full time job in pursuing this issue. You should all be very proud. Let’s keep this momentum going.