A Timeline of Dean’s Work

I have been involved in campaigns in my area for several years. I was one of the main organisers of the Right2Water campaign in Swords. I am an active member of FORUM to reduce the impact of night time noise from the new runway at the airport.

I worked with local TD Clare Daly on a range of issues like the Equality Referendum and Repeal.

A lot can be achieved when people join together and push for change. And change is needed. We have record number of people homeless or struggling to pay rents with little hope of owning their own home.

Precarious employment is undermining people and our communities. Our health and education services are suffering from the effects of years of austerity policies.

Fingal 4 Repeal
October 24
River Valley Supermarket Fiasco

River Valley Supermarket Fiasco

September 21

Sept 2020 Newsletter

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June 17
February 1

Strategic Housing Development

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September 21

2019 Bye Election

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July 11

2019 Local Election

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March 4
Public Meeting

Miscellaneous Provisions Bill (Public Meeting)

The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 (the 2018 Act) was signed by the President on 25 December 2018, having completed its passage in the Oireachtas on 19 December.

During the election campaign a lot of work was happening in the background to get this bill passed in the Dail, it was a massive workers rights achievements, I had an open information session aimed at workers whom wanted to get more info on what the new legislation actually means in terms of workers rights. I hope to have plenty more similar meetings in the future, for more information see this link.

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July 3

Industrial and Provident Societies (Amendment) Bill 2018 – Ongoing

Community Co-op Legislation: https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/bills/bill/2018/70/

Dean Mulligan after conducting the research, made a short statement on the results “The co-op legislation may lay the framework for a community led “non for profit” waste collection service, this is something I would love to pursue and progress in the future as the increase cost of waste collection, education around recycling and the climate change crisis is not going away, these are issues we need to tackle with feasible long term solutions, and not simply short term approaches that we often get when push comes to shove in terms of making a decision.”

April 14
March 24
Fingal 4 Repeal

Repeal (Fingal Together4Yes)

Quote from me at launch of Fingal4 Repeal on Balbriggan beach “My name is Dean Mulligan, and I support Repeal. I want to live in a society where everyone has a voice, by not repealing the 8th we are denying the voice thousands, I have the capacity to make my own decisions and my choices are my own. Let doctors do their jobs and let women have a choice on how they are treated. Repeal on May 25th and let everyone’s opinion be counted”


December 9

Stop Hiding ISL – Ongoing

The Irish Sign Language Act was passed into law on Christmas Eve in 2017, making ISL the third official language of Ireland. Irish is the first official language, and English is the second.



October 26

Campaign for Public Housing

News Article

March 29
September 4
Right 2 Change


Right2Change is a political campaign that arose from the Right2Water campaign in Ireland, built around a document called “Policy Principles for a Progressive Irish Government”. The principles centre on areas like health, housing, jobs education and dealing with debt.

The principles are the outcome of an extensive consultation process between individuals, community groups, trade unionists, political parties and independent representatives – all of whom have been involved in the campaigning against Irish Water‘s introduction of water charges in Ireland. The aim of the supporters of the principles is to campaign against the “right-wing consensus” that has dominated Irish politics and eventually form a left-wing government.[2] The trade unions involved are set to give their support to election candidates if they sign up to the movement’s policies. Country-wide meetings to discuss the campaign started in September 2015.

Policy Principles

May 22

Yes Equality

October 8
Right 2 Water


The United Nations “Recognizes the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights” – UN Resolution 64/292, July 2010.

Dean Mulligan quote when discussing the right2water campaign “The Right2Water campaign was a campaign I was involved in from the outset, it was a long hard fought campaign, it was my first experience of seeing three strong state pillars working tighter for the common good, we had politicians, unions and community groups working as one to successfully campaign against water charges, I feel this is a battle that will continue into the future.”

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