Dublin Airport North Runway

The FORUM ( Fingal Organised Residents United Movement) this group has encompasses the whole of Fingal on the issue of the conditions which will come into affect on development and commencement of the North Runway at Dublin Airport. It is important to note that recognition, support and understanding the need of the runway is shared amongst residents.

The residents have been fighting on two major platforms: the Conditions applied by An Bord Pleanála to be upheld. Secondly they do not want Fingal County Council as the Noise regulator. The residents do not want Fingal Co Co as the noise regulator. As a direct financial beneficiary of Dublin Airport it is widely agreed that they can not be an independent noise regulator as they are not an independent  body in our opinion which is shared by many, not withstanding they would have to buy in the expertise in order to facilitate the role as they do not have any such expertise in the council at present. The EPA would be more suitable in that they have the expertise required to carry out the role of noise regulator and also are independent of Dublin Airport.

It’s important to acknowledge the stellar work time and effort of residents from St Margaret’s, the ward, Rivervalley, Malahide, Portmarnock and further afield.

Anyone whom has kept up to the date on the issue of noise regulation bill in the various houses of the Dail, will have bare witness to all opposition parties uniting to go against the governments proposal apart from FF who claim to be the leading opposition but essentially they let residents down by abstaining on all votes on the issue, they betrayed their promises prior to the voting of the various amendments. After everything I should not be truly surprised they did not stick to their guns but if history tells us anything FG and FF let the country down on a regular basis.

UPDATE Update on the functionality of Fingal County Council as competent authority coming soon, I have questions put forward to be answered at present.